Warsaw Academy

of Computer Science, Management and Administration


Warsaw Academy is situated in the modern building created a few years ago, with advanced, professional and innovative equipment. The classes in Warsaw Academy take place in two buildings – both of them belonging to our Academy.

The first one, is situated at Meksykańska Street. The majority of the general classes takes place there and lectorates. Situated is here also the deanary open to students during all the week and computer laboratory. The second, which is situated for about 500 metres from the Meksykańska building, is equipped with the specialistic teletechnical devices. The classes from technical subjects from the Faculty of Computer Science and Telecommunications are taught there. As a student of this Faculty you will have the opportunity to use eight different telecommunications laboratories, among others in the laboratory of analog technics and metrology. The University possesses several big and very good equipped lecture rooms. Each of them possesses projectors and equipment for multimedia teaching technics.

Library. You can develop your knowledge thanks to our library, in which apart from the editions connected with the lectured faculties and specializations, you can find subscribed magazines and newspapers, both national and foreign ones. Our catalogue of library collections is digitized, thanks to this you will have any problems with searching the necessary literature. The catalogues are available for students also by Internet. Nowadays each student has the access to 30 thousand of volumes, among others to multimedia materials. Warsaw Academy is actively involved in developing electronic information provision.

Student canteen. During the breaks between the classes, you can have a rest walking in a beautiful and peaceful surroundings and in our University bar, in which you can find delicious meals for available price.

Computer Science. As the student of our university, you will have at your disposal 9 computer labolatories equipped with modern devices, basing on the platform Pentium 4. Thanks to the licence which Warsaw Academy possesses (Microsoft Academic Alliance) you will have the guarantee of the permanent access to the most modern software. After you graduate, you will be able to face the challenges of the fast developing IT market.

In addition, as the student you will receive the free of charge account at the server of Warsaw Academy and a special code, thanks to which you will have access to your individual profile in our internet kiosk. In our virtual deanary you will have the opportunity to check your marks, the dates of exams and all updated information, which could be useful. Through internet kiosks collocated in the area of the university you will have also the access to Internet.

If you choose education at the Faculty of Computer Science and Telecommunications, among many subjects related to computer science, such as database, engeener graphics, artificial intelligence, computer network and digital transformation of the signal, you will learn many useful technics and skills which can help you in your future professional work. You will find out, how to use professional equipment, not only hardware and software, but also teleinformatics. Our university gives you also the opportunity to study foreign languages. The classes are carried on by highly qualified lecturers and native speakers. The College of Foreign Languages has at its disposal the rich didactical base – the language laboratories, specialized materials and library resources. The languages are taught according to The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages of the Council of Europe. Examination Centre of Warsaw Academy is part of City & Guilds of London Institute, one of British leading educational institutions. From April 2002 our students have the possibility to take an international examination and obtain Pitman Qualifications Certificate. Moreover, Warsaw Academy is an accredited centre of Spanish Institute La Rioja which issues ECCO exams - exams confirming language competences in Spanish, remaining in consistence with Common European Framework and widely recognized. Warsaw Academy implemented the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

Adresses and phone numbers

Applying to Warsaw Academy:

Warsaw Academy of Computer Science, Management and Administration name in Polish: Wyższa Szkoła Informatyki, Zarządzania i Administracji

03-948 Warszawa
ul. Meksykańska 6

Our recruitment point is as follow:

ul. Meksykańska 6
tel. +48 22 616 15 66

We assure we will answer to your questions:

Mateusz Czepielewski - Project Manager
E-mail: mateusz.czepielewski@warsawacademy.com

Tel.: +48 22 628 54 52
Fax: +48 22 628 06 45

If you have additional questions about education at Warsaw Academy you are strongly advised to contact our website: www.dobrauczelnia.pl.